“Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Join the Calm Abiding Family of Supporters

Supporting meditators has direct benefits to the patron: it creates the cause to become yogis in the future; supporters derive direct benefit and happiness in their lives as they share in the positive energy that is being created by the meditator; they create a very close connection with great teachers that will benefit them and many other beings in the future. Attaining enlightenment is  a very specialized activity and cannot be done in the context of worldly life.  So when you make offerings to Land of Calm Abiding, you not only contribute to the greater good and harmony of all beings; you also make a special cause and effect relationship with Buddha’s teachings. This will enable you to develop inner peace and love in your own mind at a much more accelerated rate of change.

The great yogi Milarepa is often quoted as saying that the sponsors will gain the merits, virtues, and even subsequent realizations as those whom they support in retreat. 

The merit you create through your kind donations provides a true cause for lasting happiness. 

Your generosity in supporting spiritual endeavors creates spiritual abundance, just as material generosity can create material affluence. By supporting Land of Calm Abiding, you create a karmic result that bears the fruit of rich and spiritually aware lives, filled with happiness, substantive meaning, and peace.

We would be so grateful for your donation to one of these areas of need at Land of Calm Abiding:

1.  Operating
Your contribution will be applied to the general expenses of maintaining the overall physical well-being and running expenses of the center.

2. Meditators’  Aid Fund
Your contribution will fund grants, awarded on a need basis, to those who wish to come to Land of Calm Abiding and devote themselves to spiritual accomplishments, for the benefit of all beings.

3. Staff Support
Your contribution will supply food, housing, heat, and general-expense funding for the Director and caretakers of the Land, allowing the center to stay open.

More details can be provided on any of these funds at your request. So many opportunities exist for kind-hearted and generous people to support worthy causes. We are so grateful that you would consider offering your support to Land of Calm Abiding.

Your dedication of merit can be made in honor of anyone you choose, or with a request for prayers/dedications by the residents and staff of Land of Calm Abiding.