A Land of Calm Abiding- Buddhist Hermitage & Wildlife Sanctuary

What is A Land of Calm Abiding ?

Keenly aware of the need for a place to train inspirational spiritual heroes, world renowned Tibetan Buddhist master,  Kyabje Thubten Zopa Rinpoche, founded this Hermitage and Wildlife Sanctuary.  In 1997, Rinpoche began to send his students there for long periods of intense training in Lama Tsong Khapa's Ear-Whispered Lineage, which derives from the Nalanda Tradition of Ancient Buddhist India.

The 485-acre wilderness ranch was gifted by Mary Alice Baldwin in 1995. Located miles from any human settlement and surrounded by thousands of acres of wild public lands in the coastal mountains of Central California, this "off-the-grid" location provides extremely unique conditions that are most conducive for training in the yogic disciplines of Buddhist teachings. 

Diligent meditators at A Land of Calm Abiding have given up the affairs of this life to pursue the path to enlightenment. They spend years at a time in solitary practice. Their physical needs are offered to them by kind sponsors who share the dream of seeing someone gain the realizations that transform an ordinary person into a person capable of benefitting others in extraordinary ways. ie. A Buddha.

This isolated, wild place  offers the environment that is necessary for the meditators to follow the exact same rigorous mental and physical disciplines that have been practiced by Buddhist yogis in remote mountain areas for thousands of years. The earth’s elements in their natural state support the spiritual calm and inner leisure required for deep, concentrated meditation--- the training that forges humanitarian heroes, the bodhisattvas of tomorrow!

Lama Thubten Yeshe said, "I really believe that in the West, besides there being a breakdown in human relationships, there is also a breakdown in the relationship between people, the food they eat and the environment."  To preserve sacred ground in the middle of the wilderness, where a person can come and experience the deep peace of  a calm mind, where people can slow down and listen, where wildlife are unafraid of humans, where these broken relationships can be mended, is a project that will be treasured and of benefit to all people, not just Buddhists.

A Land of Calm Abiding seeks to become an example of humanity's potential for harmony, peace and health  among people and within the ecosystems that support us. The handful of volunteer residents have dedicated their lives to integrate the ancient world view and lifestyle of Himalayan Buddhist Mountain Yogis with contemporary organic agriculture, alternative energy technologies and wild land conservation.

Founded on charity,  A Land of Calm Abiding seeks to operate in charity.  Giving is part of the recipe for harmony. Visits to A Land of Calm Abiding are offered free and by appointment only.

A Precious place for serious Dharma practitioners

Waves of Beneficial Effects

"At the moment the world's spiritual traditions have greatly degenerated. It is very important in such times that the practitioners themselves make especially strong efforts to gain realization. To permit the lineages of transmission to disappear is to allow the world to plunge into darkness… When even one person indulges in spiritual practice, it gives encouragement to the guardians of the land, and to the celestial deities who have sworn to uphold goodness. These forces then have the ability to release waves of beneficial effects upon humanity."  The Path to Enlightenment by H.H. the Dalai Lama
















Land of Calm Abiding is pending Affiliation with FPMT www.fpmt.org

FPMT- Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition.

In these times of uncertainty and fear, the world needs more humanitarian heroes like His Holiness the Dalai Lama and  Nelson Mandela who will inspire people to heroic acts of creative change.

road signAn evolutionary shift in the prevailing paradigm is needed to solve the complex social, political, environmental global issues of today. Most people in the developed world agree that more "stuff" doesn't create more real happiness. Consuming more and more "stuff "contributes to the growing economic and climate crisis on our planet.

The world needs more people who have attained inner happiness and peace; heroes who can inspire others to devote their lives to that end.

When people learn to find happiness and satisfaction from inside their minds, there will be less anger, less violence, less greed, less trauma, less unnecessary consumption of precious resources.

More than ever before, human culture needs a living  example of a lifestyle and world view that promotes peace and harmony within all components of the ecosystem --especially harmony between humans.

We believe that Buddhist methods of mind training for inner happiness can be of service in creating the culture for future harmony. We also believe that these methods are so precious and valuable to human culture that they must be preserved in living minds of contemporary individuals.  

A Land of Calm Abiding is a hermitage for training the Inner Happiness Heroes of the next generation.